We save you time and effort at the right price.

In the fast and competitive Swiss market, the search for a property can become a long, nerve-wracking task, which can take several months and still not bring the desired results. Often this translates into an endless number of trips and visits that don’t always meet the needs of the buyer.

Case Immobiliare will avoid all this.

Thanks to our experience and personal knowledge of most of the operators in the market (intermediaries, trustees, promoters, builders, etc.), we will efficiently search and identify the most interesting opportunities that fit your requirements and then provide you with a property that meets your needs and is to your liking.

We have access to exclusive opportunities.

The properties requested by our customers are not always easily found or available on the market.  Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the Ticino region, as well as our vast network of privileged contacts with intermediaries, trustees and specialists in the real estate sector (builders, promoters, banks, insurance companies, etc.), Case Immobiliare will be able to provide you with rapid and privileged access to these opportunities, whether they are single-family homes, apartments or investment properties.